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Tree Surgeon Southampton

Southampton Tree Surgeon

WGS Tree Services are the top choice for tree surgeons in Southampton. Our staff are both highly trained and experienced, giving us the ability to handle any arborist job with ease. Whether you need us to cut down a single tree or remove an entire grove of trees, our team is more than capable of getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Don’t worry about climbing ladders yourself, as we offer a free estimate on all jobs to ensure there won’t be any surprises when it comes to hiring our services. Not only do we provide tree removal services, but we also provide, stump removal and tree planting services – among many others. 

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Southampton Tree Surgeon Services

Save time, money, and energy by letting the professionals take care of your tree requirements. WGS Tree Services are expert tree surgeons in the Southampton area that take care of everything for you. With years of experience in the industry, our team have vast knowledge about all kinds of trees and how to best treat them. We specialise in everything from pruning to planting new trees.

All members of our team are friendly, hard-working and have all relevant NTPC skilled qualifications. WGS Services only employ the very best climbers and groundsmen to carry out all of our work to the highest standard. No job is too BIG or SMALL for us to deal with, so please don’t hesitate to read our testimonials from various satisfied customers.

How to take care of your tree

To take care of your tree, you should water it daily. You should also rake the leaves out from around the roots at least once a week to keep them from rotting. In addition, you can also prune back branches that are blocking sunlight from reaching all parts of the tree during the warmer months. Trees need to be mulched with leaves and grass clippings yearly to protect their roots from drying out. As well as this, you should hire a tree surgeon at least once a year to ensure your tree is in perfect condition.

The health of your tree is important, as it not only provides shade and decoration for your home or garden but also helps to improve air quality. A healthy tree will also be better able to resist diseases and pests. By following the tips listed above, you can help keep your tree in good condition and improve the environment around your home. You can hire our tree surgeons in Southampton and surrounding areas today if you are in need of keeping your tree healthy.

Commonly Asked Questions

Traditionally, trees require surgery when they are damaged or diseased, but nowadays removing large branches is also considered tree surgery.

Lately, many homeowners have specifically sought out tree surgeons to finance their own pruning projects that are not warranted by disease or damage. Tree surgeons can either work at the top of a tree or on its base – in some cases both approaches may be necessary depending on the need. Trained professionals make sure they are using safe techniques and equipment which helps prevent accidents from occurring.

An arborist is an expert in the care and maintenance of trees. They understand the root cause of tree problems, diagnose any issues, and recommend treatments. That’s why arborists are one of the most skilled tree surgery specialists.

There is no specific cost when it comes to tree surgery. The cost varies depending on many different factors. These factors include things like, how much work needs to be done on the tree, the size of the tree and where you are in the country.

Well, if your tree is injured and poses a risk to people and property below, you may need a tree surgeon. If you are planning some major tree surgery action, it would be wise to hire a certified arborist who is trained in performing complex surgical procedures on trees.

It depends on what type of trees you’re talking about. And the answer is also likely to depend on where you live, how much sun there is, and which time of year it is. Generally speaking, some types of pruning are done less often than others.

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