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At WGS Tree Services, our customers regularly inform us that we are the best choice for tree surgeons in Salisbury. All of our team have a high level of experience and are trained to a high standard. Thus, giving us the possibility to take care of any arborist’s job without any problems. We offer quick and effective solutions whether it’s one tree you need to remove or an entire grove.

We can’t stress how you do not need to scale any ladders yourself, get in touch with us for a free quotation on our tree surgery services. Our quotes are given out with no hidden fees meaning you will not be surprised when you come to pay us. Our services range from tree felling, tree planting, tree stump removal, crown reduction and much more. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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Salisbury Tree Surgeons

Hiring our professional tree surgeons to take care of all your tree surgery needs means you can save time, energy and money as you don’t need to invest in the proper equipment. Our company is made up of a team who are expert tree surgeons in Salisbury. With years of relevant industry experience, we can take care of everything for you. We have a vast amount of knowledge and we specialise in everything to do with trees including planting and pruning.

Our company only employs hard-working, customer service orientated people with the required NTPC skilled qualifications. At WGS we only hire the best groundsmen and tree climbers to safely and securely get your tree cut down without any injuries or damage to your property.

No job is too BIG or SMALL for us here at WGS, we deal with projects of all sizes. Read our testimonials to see previous reviews from our customers. We make sure all health and safety measures are met in order for nobody to get injured. Contact our Salisbury tree surgeons today for more information.

How to take care of your tree

Taking care of your tree is very simple. Firstly, you should water it daily to keep it hydrated. As well as this, you should rake leaves away from the tree roots to keep them from rotting away. Another thing to do is tree pruning. This is the process of cutting back branches to keep your tree looking nice all year round. Trees need to be mulched with leaves and grass clippings yearly to protect their roots from drying out. As well as this, you should hire a tree surgeon at least once a year to ensure your tree is in perfect condition.

The health of your tree is very important. There are many reasons why trees are important, for example, they provide shade for areas of your garden and add scenery to the exterior of your home. A healthy tree can also improve the air quality in your garden. By following our maintenance tips, you can be sure your tree will remain in good condition all year round. Hire our tree surgeons in Salisbury today for full tree removal. We offer a wide range of services from tree felling to tree planting.

Why Choose Our Salisbury Tree Surgeons

Tree surgery is no easy task. That’s why you should choose our fully qualified professionals. Our tree surgeons service both commercial and domestic clients offering a wide range of tree services from tree surveys to a full tree care service. We also offer other garden work such as hedge cutting and tree planting.

Our Salisbury based team use industry best practice tree technique methods ensuring all health and safety measures are adhered to when carrying out tree surgery. We offer expert tree surgery services for clients all over Salisbury. Our registered contractors will leave your tree or hedge in immaculate condition.

Our Salisbury tree surgeons are fully insured in all their garden work. We have an ever-increasing reputation and we offer our services at a competitive price. Contact us today for a free quote. We have worked hard for years to get the reputation we have in the Salisbury area.

Commonly Asked Questions

Traditionally, trees require surgery when they are damaged or diseased, but nowadays removing large branches is also considered tree surgery.

Lately, many homeowners have specifically sought out tree surgeons to finance their own pruning projects that are not warranted by disease or damage. Tree surgeons can either work at the top of a tree or on its base – in some cases both approaches may be necessary depending on the need. Trained professionals make sure they are using safe techniques and equipment which helps prevent accidents from occurring.

An arborist is an expert in the care and maintenance of trees. They understand the root cause of tree problems, diagnose any issues, and recommend treatments. That’s why arborists are one of the most skilled tree surgery specialists.

There is no specific cost when it comes to tree surgery. The cost varies depending on many different factors. These factors include things like, how much work needs to be done on the tree, the size of the tree and where you are in the country.

Well, if your tree is injured and poses a risk to people and property below, you may need a tree surgeon. If you are planning some major tree surgery action, it would be wise to hire a certified arborist who is trained in performing complex surgical procedures on trees.

It depends on what type of trees you’re talking about. And the answer is also likely to depend on where you live, how much sun there is, and which time of year it is. Generally speaking, some types of pruning are done less often than others.

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