Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to both residential and commercial customers


Tree Removal

This is a service when we dismantle or fell a tree safely to allow more space or light on your property. Or for safety purposes due to roots being to close to foundations on trees in close proximity of buildings etc.


Tree Pruning


This is practice we like to use it can be good for the health of the tree and can also provide more light and relieve weight in canopy’s without having to remove the tree. Trees are key to the environment.
There is many different types of pruning including crown reductions, crown raises, crown thinning, pollarding and deadwooding.



Hedge Trimming

We’re specialists in hedge cutting. Do you have a hedge that’s got to big and untidy why not let us civilise your hedges and get them to a manageable height for future maintenance.


Stump Removal


Do you have a stump that you want to get rid of and don’t no how ?
Stumps sometimes have to be removed to all for building foundations, driveway, replanting or turfing. We can grind out your stump using a stump grinder. Contact us for more information.



Site Clearance

We have the knowledge and the machinery to come and completely clear a site ready for building and landscape projects please contact us for more information.


Emergency 24hrs Call Out


If you have a fallen tree on your property, car, powe line at any time of the day please don’t hesitate to call us.



Tree Planting


We can professionally plant trees and shrubs for you so you don’t have to.
Our planting service can range from planting hedge rows to form privacy borders to planting individual trees for amenity and aesthetic purposes.


Mobile Milling


We can come to you and Mill up your straight timber into incredible planks that can be used for cabin cladding or incredible furniture for inside your property or in your gardens.





We provide hard wood Chippings for paths, kids play areas, landscape projects. We provide bark chip mulch for garden boarders and weed suppression.


Cabling & Bracing


This is a practice that we use to help support trees with poor unions or trees with cracks in that need to be held together.
This is an extremely affective process and is a happy alternative to having to dismantle or fell.



Log Splitting


We can come to you and tackle all of your stubborn logs. We will cut and split any all wood suitable for fuel. We have a 10 tonne vertical machine and a 37 tonne horizontal splitting machine that will make short work of any knotty lump and bumps.